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By | July 25, 2023

Every day we have been searching for a specific thing to know on Google. Google will give the result of the query that is given from multiple websites. Yes, some of the results are beneficial, and a few are not. In this article going to see useful websites, that will be useful in day to life.

useful websites
Useful Websites

1. W3Schools

Every computer student must visit this site at least once because this site can learn everything about computers and programming easily. Also, all the computer and programming concepts are covered in a single site. The explanation of all covered topics on this site is easy to understand with examples.

W3schoools site references HTML, CSS, Javascript, Programming, Server Side, XML, and Character Sets to learn, and also can improve programming skills by doing exercises, quizzes, and courses. Once you are proficient in the particular programming language, also can W3schools providing the certificates.

2. Filmibeat

Filmibeat is a cinema news site that publishes about cinema predominantly. They have been publishing film-related news in all industries Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood, etc. So if you are a film lover, this site is for you to get film news every your. Also can view or download actresses and actors’ images from the photos navigation option.

3. ThatsWorth

ThatsWorth is a great tech site to learn all about technology. If you are new to technology or would like to learn technology or need to get technology news every day, this site is for tech people.

They have been publishing posts in these categories blogging, SEO, Tools, Technology, Education, Productivity, and more.

4. Ezgif

Manu times troubled when uploading photos online, some times we might face the error like the uploaded file format is not supported. So changing the file format without losing the quality of the image will consume our valuable time. To see this process there is one tool site on the web that is Ezgif. Using this tool site can convert one image file to another format (Supported File Formats in this tool are PNG, JPG or JPEG, GIF, and WebP ). The tools available on this site are GIF Maker, Video to GIF, Resize, Reverse, Rotate, Crop, Cut, Optimize, Effects, Split, Add text, WebP, APNG, AVIF, etc.

If you have collections of images to make a gif online without any hesitation this tool is best for GIF makers. Not but not least making GIFs online, also can separate all the frames from the GIF.

5. Pixabay

Either Youtube or Blogging Commercial purposes, if using Google images directly downloading that could make a copyright issue at any time. Pixabay is right to download copyright-free premium-look images in high quality. There are 2.4 million stunning and premium royalty-free images to use. Not only images but also there are Photos, Illustrations, Vectors, Videos, Music, and Sound Effects.

All the photos are categorized below to download for general purposes.

  • Animals
  •  Architecture
  •  Buildings
  •  Backgrounds
  •  TexturesBeauty
  •  FashionBusiness
  •  FinanceComputer
  •  Communication
  •  Education
  •  Emotions
  •  Food
  •  Drink
  •  Health
  •  MedicalIndustry
  •  CraftMusicNature
  •  LandscapesPeoplePlaces
  •  MonumentsReligionScience
  •  Technology
  •  SportsTransportation
  •  TrafficTravel
  •  Vacation

Even many rich YouTubers and bloggers have been using this site to utilize.

6. Fiverr

Fiverr is part-time a freelancing site for freelance. There are many freelancing services or gigs available on Fiverr. The service providers have been earning a lot of money in their gigs. If you are a skilled person and do need any platform to expose all your skills by making money on it, Fiverr is right for you all. So today start a gig in the service that you are in much proficient. If you are not a skilled person do not worry, also some gigs are high-demand low competency gigs without having skills.

7. Udemy

Happy to discuss the education learning platform is Udemy. Udemy is the right platform for learning anything you preferred. There are millions of courses to learn in distinct topics and subjects. A lot of companies also hire employees who are having the Udemy certificate for the course they did. So, if you wish to learn any course online Udemy is best, you will learn smartly by getting a valuable course completion certificate.

Certainly, the course completion certification will be useful somewhere in your career. So today get started with the course that wants to learn.

The top categories in Udemy are,

  • Design
  •  Development
  •  Marketing IT and Software
  •  Personal Development
  •  Business
  •  Photography
  •  Music

8. Photopea

Photopea is a site tool. Installing the photo editing software on the system takes much time and should have the license key to edit images. Also, need to have a high memory ram on your system to run photo editing software. The Photopea site or tool overcomes all these requirements to use, so just enter the phototype and drop the photos on it. Then start editing, make stunning images, and finally download them. All the photo editing tools features are in Photopea. This site or tool is also available as a Chrome extension to use easily.

Using this tool can get these benefits no need to install any software, not take high memory space and no lag, easy to use, and fast editing.

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