Necessary Tools For Programmers and Developers to Use

By | July 29, 2023

Howdy coders, in this article, going to see the essential tools that every programmer or developer must have known. One of these tools will be part of the role in the projects somewhere.

tools for programmers
Tools for Programmers

1. Sublime Text Editor

We know, this tool is very popular among programmers and developers. This tool seems to be a notepad of the Windows operating system. The only difference in this editor is the user interface and the new features which are auto-suggestions and completion. If your pc or computer is from a low-end device, definitely this tool is for you. Every computer user must try it out at least once. Most programmers prefer this editor to design small websites and doing programs.

The sublime text editor is simple to use like the notepad that we have been using traditionally as a default text editor. Certainly, this text editor will be helpful for you. Also, this is an interesting feature that is added to simplify all our tasks. It is also open-source and available for all major platforms to use. It is the best tool for formatting JSON structured data format. The spell checker helps us to recognize and resolve what we, unfortunately, made spelling mistakes. There is a feature multi-tabs option, to perform multiple tasks simultaneously by changing the tabs. the sublime text editor also includes the auto-indentation option to make some indentation between the words. This is the best tool to do small projects as ease as convenient.

2. Android Studio

If you are a programmer, you might be heard the software or IDE which is called the Android Studio to develop an Android application. Yes, all the Android applications you have seen in the play store, are developed using the Android Studio. Android Studio IDE was built using one of the popular bigwig companies JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA software. Android Studio is specifically made for Android development. This software supports running both Java and Kotlin languages, those languages are official and primary languages to develop Android applications natively.

Android Studio is available on all major platforms Windows, Linux, Mac, and chrome os. To run an Android Studio on your computer must have at least a minimum of 4 GB to execute smoothly without any lag. Windows users should have a 64-bit operating system, X 84 processor, 8 GB ram, and hyper-v support to run virtualization. The developed application could be run by Android emulators. The Android emulators can be installed easily in the android studio emulator option.

3. Notepad++ Document File Editor

Notepad++ is the best editor to edit text documents. Notepad++ has some cool features that are not in the Windows default notepad, and the user interface is looking great with user experience. Notepad++ is more convenient to use rather than other text editors. It has autosuggestions for programming, whenever writing programs in Notepad++ it will suggest the functions, tags, and keywords depending on the programming language Many static web developers have been using this editor to build static and landing pages web applications. It only takes just a few memory spaces to run. So if you need a lightweight text editor, definitely go through Notepad++.

It allows users to open multiple tabs similar to Chrome to manipulate multiple text documents. Also, the auto-save feature is the best facility because it comes when editing large text documents, unfortunately, if the editor is closed, the document will be saved automatically. Using the multiple tabs in the notepad++ can perform simultaneous editing tasks. 

4. Color Picker Chrome Extension

Sometimes when working with UI-related projects, we would like to apply specific color schemes that are seen on the web page. But it is complete and takes much time to get the color code from the web page. So to achieve and get the color code from the web page there is one Chrome extension which is called color picker. The Colour picker helps us to get color codes from the web page as the result of RGB and HeX.

Just hover the color picker pen tool on the element that you going to extract the color from. Then it will detect the color code of the color and show up the code in the RGM and HEX code format.


When working with a back-end programming language, apparently need a server connection to run and debug the development application. So installing the Apache server and Mysql Server separately takes much time and managing the servers is not convenient. Also should have known to run the Apache server and MySQL server independently. To set up server connections easily in our operating systems Mac, Linux, and Windows. XWAMP software provides Apache, MYSQL with PHPMyAdmin and PHP for the cross-platform operating system.

  1. Just go to the site to install XWAMP
  2.  Choose the appropriate operating system to proceed download
  3.  Once downloaded XWAMPP click and install, that’s all it
  4. SQL Server Connection

Every developer and program must know the database. So as a beginner learning and working with SQL databases is good. SQL is defined as a Structured query language and relation database concept. All the tables in the table will be in row and column format. To perform or manipulate CRUD operations in the database/table SQL queries are used.

So installing any kind of SQL server connection will be helpful on the projects. The MYSQL is easy to learn and most silicon valley engineers have been using MYSQL in their projects. PHPMyAdmin is a database server connection tool to perform SQL operations over MYSQL. Also can create databases and tables without using SQL queries.

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