How To Fix The Low Value Content Issues In Google AdSense ? 100% 

By | September 25, 2023

Howdy guys, nice to see you on another excellent topic about AdSense Low Value Content issues which is most maximum bloggers encountered problems in Google’s AdSense. Google AdSense is essentially made for bloggers, Websites, and YouTube creators to obtain money online by monetizing in AdSense. You can earn a lot of money from AdSense if your content is great. Here we are presenting about AdSense for websites and bloggers and now, many folks have been facing the concern of low-value content from AdSense when they monetize their website or blog on YouTube. Low-value content is one of the policy violations in AdSense. If You met this issue, you are at the right place to defeat and fix this problem. 

The low-value content problem will occur if you have news websites, movie review websites, download websites, lyrics websites, autogenerated articles-related sites, affiliate websites, and job sites. Now all Google approves those kinds of the site only if the site is unique and new. Otherwise, AdSense is thought that is low-value content.

Apart from that, your sites should be followed webmaster quality guidelines as well. So here we are going to show you how to fix and succeed in low-value content issues in AdSense. Just catch the instructions which we are going to explain later. Here we go and let us get started.

low value content

Have a Good Niche and Use a Great Template

Having the best blog niche that is fresh and unique is a great choice to start a blog or website. Use a suitable template or theme for your site and make sure your template is a responsive lightweight template. You can check whether your template is responsive or not by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Checker tool that will give you the result is your page is mobile-friendly or not. You can trust the tool reason this is one of Google’s official tools made for bloggers and web developers. Using responsive and mobile-friendly themes you can get a lot of visitors from mobile, tablet, desktop, and even foldable devices.

Write Original High Quality And Unique Fresh Content

Google always gives priority to sites that have high-quality and unique content which is fresh. If your content is not fresh means that already written by some other websites, then your article will be viewed as not fresh. If You take an already written topic to write in your blog as an article, simply include some additional information about the content as the detail that makes your article as valuable to users. For instance, there are a lot of websites that have written an article about Make Money Online. So avoid writing an article in that popular niche though if you write, your article will never going to rank in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).

Don’t Translate or Publish Content From other sources

Few people have been using this trick which is translating content from other websites, online documents and resources then publishing it on their site past 3 years, and also trick worked as well before 2021. After some days Google finds out that trick. so no more you can use this trick and don’t waste your valuable time on it. These contents are also considered duplicate content by the search engine. If you publish 3000 words article that is translated, also will be considered duplicate content.

Stop Extracting Content from YouTube video subtitles

People will not be idle and always they will explore the AdSense approval trick which is Extracting words from YouTube video subtitles how came to be. Now that trick works as well but one thing you should be aware of content is Scraped or not. When you use this popular trick you may get scraped content that may reason for low-value content. For example, You are extracting content from a popular YouTube video to publish on your site or blog. We can not give a guarantee that is already someone extracted content from the same video, who knows the equivalent trick? So it may be a reason to anticipate the Scraped content. Scraped content also includes low-value content. When you apply your site or blog before make sure all your sites are unique and not plagiarised. There are many online free tools available to check article is progressing or not. Once you are assured all are unique then go through the application process.

Avoid Using Copyright materials 

Copyright images, videos, or any material can lead to low-value content. So even if you download images from copyright-free images websites like Pixabay, Unsplash, etc, simply edit those images in your way using any editing software also you can use Canva to edit images online that only takes less time to edit. Whatever images you are downloading from online sources you need to modify them before using those images on your website. Because another person would be downloaded the same image which you downloaded before to use their blog. So Google AdSense considered the image also copyrighted material.

Check All Pages Are Indexed

Check all your pages are indexed on Google by using the site: query that will show you all indexed pages of your site you given in the query on Google. Even if any single post is not indexed in Google Search Engine, you would have to see the low-value content policy violation.  

Believe you will overcome low-value content and fix this problem soon.

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