Full Guide to Get Approval in Ezoic Ads

By | October 6, 2023

Ezoic is a website monetization platform to makes money by monetizing websites. Not only that, ezoic users can improve the website performance along with making money. You may struggle with making money or less CPM in AdSense or any other network. So, Ezoic is the greatest opportunity to get a higher CPM compared with other websites.

If your website gets US, UK, Canadian, and Australian traffic the CPM will be higher than you expected. But, the approval process of the ezoic is completely different from others. There are some steps to complete and get approved for your website. Here, we discuss all the steps of the ezoic approval process. Also, the things need to be set up on your website before applying to ezoic.

Ezoic Approval

Get Ready Website for Ezoic

Before applying to ezoic make sure your website has enough content that is at least 25. Each of the content must be between 750-100 words (Approximately) for easy approval. Check SSL certificate is enabled on your domain. Also, no broken links should be on your website. You can use a broken link checker to list out broken links if there. All content published on your website must be original & unique.

Signup to Ezoic

If you haven’t gotten started in Ezoic before, sign in new ezoic account. Complete the onboarding questions when signing into ezoic. After the onboarding, your account will be created successfully which means you can now add your website to the ezoic approval process.

Add Your Website

Without adding the website you can’t get approval for your domain. So, first need to add your website from the “Add Site” section in the ezoic dashboard.

Change Name Servers

By default, your domain might have the nameserver of the connected hosting name servers. But, need to change the current name server to the ezoic given name server. Once you add the ezoic name server, it will take at least 25 minutes to propagate on your domain. You can see the ezoic nameserver has been detected in the ezoic message of your domain. You don’t need to worry about your content because all the content in WordPress will stay.

Not only that, you can continue your blogging journey as you post fresh posts. When you change default nameservers to ezoic nameservers, that means ezoic can take control of the website.

Install Ezoic WordPess Plugin

You need to install the ezoic WordPress plugin to let ezoic manage your website through this plugin. Ezoic always controls your website and monitors it as well once you have connected your website to ezoic.

Add Ads.txt File

Like all other monetization platforms, ezoic also has an Ads.txt file to verify publishers. Ezoic holds considerable networks that why ezoic gives high CPM for the publishers. So, you need to Ads.txt file on your website root domain. Just copy or download the Ezoic Ads.txt file, then upload it to the root domain. For example, It will be like “https://example.com/ads.txt” on your website.

Ads.txt is very useful for Adnetworks to detect invalid or fraudulent activities on the publisher’s website.

Ezoic Review

The ezoic review process is the next step, usually, it will take 3-5 days to review your website. The ezoic team will completely review your website, meantime you can post on your website. Always post content that adheres to ezoic content policies. Read the ezoic content policies, before applying to the ezoic review process.

Also, there is no guarantee the tool can be approved in ezoic. If you have millions of traffic to your tool website only, there is a slight chance of getting approval for the tool website.

Note: Ezoic disagrees with the download of adult content specifically.

Ad Setup

Once you get the good news from the ezoic that is “Your site is approved”, you can proceed to the Ad Setup step of the ezoic process. It will take 5-7 days to complete the ad setup on your WordPress website. The ad setup is not a manual one, the ezoic team will place the ads on your website with a better experience. So, you don’t need to do anything in the ad setup process.

Google Ad Manager Approval

It is the last step of the final approval to enter the ezoic. Once you submit to Google Ad Manager approval, the site reviewed within 14 days. The Google team thoroughly reviews your website in this process. Most of the websites are rejected by the Google Ad Manager the reason of low-value content due to less quality or low content.


Does the website have any minimum traffic to enter the ezoic platform?

10,000 minimum traffic is required to get started with ezoic.

Can downloading a content website get approval in ezoic?

Currently, ezoic does not allow downloading content websites to monetize.

Can you improve the website speed with ezoic?

Yes, ezoic helps to speed up your website.

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