Best Android and IOS Apps to Experience in 2023

By | July 29, 2023

In this era, no one is without an Android smartphone. So let’s see the best Android and IOS apps. Each Android and IOS user must experience all these phone apps at least once time.

android & ios apps
Free Android & IOS Apps

Quick VPN

There are several VPN applications in Google’s play store, and you might have tried all those majority applications. Also, you could be encountered problems like high ping and disconnecting the server suddenly. Significantly, while playing online games or streaming videos on the web or app the time, if the VPN disconnects the server automatically, that makes all of us irritated. Every user always will prefer to play the game or stream videos as fast in the low MS.

To come out from poor experiences like the high ping ms, and disconnecting problems while using a mobile phone, use the best VPN application on the play store called Quick VPN. The quick VPN user interface and experience will be simple and easy to use. The Quick VPN has the majority of country server connections. The best facility in the Quick VPN app is, all the servers listed in the app are free to use. There is no premium server to pay for. Every Android user and internet enthusiast should have tried it out. So do not hesitate to install the Quick VPN app on your smartphone. It is very easy to connect the server to the app. Just choose the country to connect to, and then click to establish the connection.


Have you been frustrated using the low ram mobile phone and even could not play the game well? For users who have fewer ram mobile phones, this application will be beneficial. If the smartphone has virtual memory functionality, then you can try it out. To use the SWAP application on mobile, no need to root access. So this application is safe to access. The SWAP app will take the amount of memory given in the input from the internal memory, this app will act the internal memory as temporary virtual RAM.

Remember when using this application it will create the swap on the internal storage, so it will consume 512 MB on the storage to perform.

Hello English

If you are not good at English or do you want to learn English or would like to improve your English skills or need to learn new vocabulary this app will be useful. This app lets us learn the English language in fun ways by playing some games. This app has got many awards including Google’s 2018 editor choice application. This application is popular in the play store, so it is the best app for those who are beginning to learn the English language. Over ten million users have reviewed this application with 4.5 ratings. Also, 10000 words dictionary is in the Hello English app.


You might be in the scenario when you hear the unknown song, but you wished to know the full details of the song like what song it is, which movie, lyrics, and more. The Shazam will identify the song within minutes of hearing the song by the app. It is many people’s favourite application, so just experience this awesome app.


Telegram is a chatting application that lets us connect with people similar to WhatsApp. Telegram has lots of features than WhatsApp. Telegram users’ favourite facility or feature in the app is in the Telegram channels. Telegram channels are alike WhatsApp groups, but the only difference is, the channel admin only controls and manages the channel. So the channel subscribers can not interact with the channel message. Admin will deliver the message like broadcast to all the subscribers, the channels act as a bridge between admin and subscriber in a one-to-many manner. There are also emojis, stickers, gifs, and more features to use.

True Caller

People have been using the Truecaller application to find the name of unknown strangers’ numbers. Before removing the number on the true caller app, let’s see how the app is worked. When we install this application through either AppStore or play store, after the installation that will ask us to contact permission to read all our contact details which are stored in our mobile or cloud. Once permission is granted to the app for contact access, the app will retrieve all the contacts. Then it will store all the contacts in the true caller database including the name, phone number, etc. So true caller will identify the number from the database. Even though the app is very cool and useful to find the name of the specific contact number.

Night Light

Now, many Android operating systems come up with different skins developed by mobile brands. So most Android-skinned operating systems do have not the feature of night light. Most mobile users use phones at night, it is the time when people will be free. So using the Mobile phone at night could cause issues to the eyes like irritation in the eyes and burning. So, to solve those issues install the night light app on the phone. It will reduce the blue light that comes from the mobile phone display.

Hoping all these Android and IOS phone apps will be part of our daily usage.

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