Things Need to Be Setup After Getting AdSense Approval

By | October 6, 2023

There are a few steps need to set up on your site to process show ads on your website once your site is got approval. Here, discussing things that need to be set up after getting adsense approval on your website both WordPress and Blogger.

Let’s get started first with the WordPress platform. Carefully, follow all these steps.

adsense setup
AdSense Setup

How do You Know Your Website Got Approved by Google AdSense?

Once you submitted the site to the google adsense for verification, the google adsense team will verify the site that adheres to all the policies of the google adsense. Usually, the review will be taken 2-4 weeks not much than a month.

Many policies are involved to get AdSense approval, though it is not hard to activate the AdSense account. Write high-quality original 15-30 posts that all comply with Google AdSense policies, that’s all.

If your content adheres to Google Adsense policies, you will receive a good news email from Google Adsense. That is likely “Congratulations on activating your Google AdSense account” which means your account is activated. And you can successfully see your revenue dashboard in the home section. Also, you can make sure in the section of the site that is your site approved or not. If your site is approved, the Ready green text will be shown in the section.

If the “not ready” text shows up in this section, which means your site needs to fix some issues before getting started on Google AdSense. The good thing is they will be mentioned, why your site is rejected by the team.

See the rejection, fix it, and then apply to review your site again the time.

WordPress Setup

1. Ads.txt Setup

The first thing is you need to add an ads.txt file on your site. Because it is an important one to set up, google adsense will show a warning like “You need to set up ads.txt, otherwise you may see a potential loss in revenue”. You can use the Ads.txt Manager WordPress plugin to resolve this issue. Install the Ads.txt plugin and activate it. Then, copy the Ads.txt file content from your site-approved section. Paste it in the Ads.txt manager apps.txt option from the left panel. That’s all, it will take 12-24 hours to know adsense that you updated the Ads.txt file.

Alternatively, you can directly upload the Ads.txt file to the root domain from the file manager of your hosted domain.

2. Add AdSense Code to Your Site

You need to add the AdSense script code to show ads on your approved website. Use the Wpcode plugin to paste the AdSense script code. Once installing the Wpcode, go to the Header and Footer inserter options. As per the AdSense guidelines, the script code will be pasted in the header (Paste the code). You can check whether the AdSense code is added or not in your website by viewing the view page source of the page. If the code is placed in the HTML view page source that means, the code is added to your site successfully. Now, your site is ready to show ads.

3. Toggle on Auto Ads

Adding the script code will not make your site show ads, additionally need to toggle on the auto ads to your site. You can enable the auto ads in the Google Adsense auto ads section. Once enabling the auto ads on your sites, you can see a few ads will be washing up on your site. Not only that, but you can also control how your ads can be shown up on your site in the auto ads settings.

4. Setup Manual Ads

Setting manual ads can help to improve revenue. Because the auto ads do not guarantee all the times the ad will be displayed on your website. So, set up a manual ad that will be displayed every time the visitor comes to your site.

5. Connect Google Analytics

Linking google analytics to your AdSense account makes your site reliable to AdSense. Also, the website data will be measured by AdSense quickly. It also helps the AdSense dashboard update the reports fastly.

Additional Tips

Avoid Ad-Limits

Google AdSense will put a limit on your account in cases of invalid activities occurring on your site. Likely, the site maintains invalid traffic or invalid click activity. Adlimts are temporary, while admit duration turning off your auto ads is a good option to avoid further account ban issues if the invalid activities are again maintained. Always keep your account safe from invalid activities from the prying eyes or competitors.

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