The Things You Have To Check Before You Applying For Eligibility Of AdSense Approval in 2023

By | September 16, 2023

AdSense is the best way to make money online through your Websites/blogs or YouTube channels. In this article, we see the eligibility of AdSense approval for websites and blogs. People give their websites to monetize a rush without any proper check, whether their site or blog is eligible or not. 

Now all, the giant company Google strictly says if your site violates any policy of AdSense, you will not get approved for your anyway. If your site is already approved, though you violate the AdSense policy, then your account will be terminated immediately. It is the irritating thing about AdSense is once your site is disapproved, then you can’t get back your account as ease as Google AdSense.

adsense eligibility
Eligibility of AdSense Approval

So aware of AdSense policy violations always and never violate anything which are they described in the policy. So we are here to know the things you need to check before getting AdSense approval. You should follow all the upcoming instructions whenever you trying to apply AdSense for your site. By following this, you can overcome all major errors like No Content, Under Construction, Navigation, Low-Value Content, and Program Policy Violations

Did You Write Unique and High-Quality Enough Content

This is very important in getting AdSense Approval. A lot of people just write a few articles even if that does not touch 500+ words and they want AdSense. Then how AdSense approval for those sites is not unique or high quality? So always remember to choose the topic which you are most interested in that applies to all AdSense Policies. Once you have chosen write the articles in detail and give proper titles, subheadings, and minor headings. Include some images relevant to that topic, and don’t forget to give the keyword to the alt attribute, description, and caption to the image. By doing this, you can get more organic traffic when the image appears in Google by the keyword you give to the image. 

Next is important not to write articles that are already in Google. You Don’t need to write that because that is already it. Google gives AdSense approval only for fresh content which are original and not plagiarized from any sources. As we mentioned before, write articles that are unique and high-quality content. If you don’t know, just explore some social media like Quora, Reddit, Google’s Question Hub, Medium and so on to know what people asking questions relevant to your topic that may give some ideas to write more content. The thing always should be on your mind before you apply on your site just check you have written 32+ original articles each 850+ words. Just check all the articles in the plagiarized tools that make sure your articles are original or copied from other sources or websites or blogs. That’s all in the content.

Check Your Site has Broken Links

You may experience Site behaviour: Navigation error in AdSense. The main reason that comes is you may include broken links or the links may be invalid. If your site has broken links, you may face Site behaviour: Navigation problems in AdSense. There are many Broken Link Checker tools available online you may use either one of them. We are recommending you use Free Broken Link Checker Tool to find out dead links from your website or blog within minutes. There simply give the website URL or Domain to find out dead or broken links from your site and click find. That’s all now it will take some time to get all the broken links from your site. Once you got the broken links, just remove all of them from your site instantly which causes behavior: Navigation problem that leads to you don’t get AdSense approval.

Sure Your Site Navigation Menu Links Is Properly Working

Another issue with Navigation Error is to make sure your site navigation menu is responsive to mobile, desktop, tablet and other devices. Check the menu links also redirect to the right page of your website content. The menu links should not be dead and should not lead to irrelevant topics. If it is just fix the navigation menu. The navigation menu is very important for the user to navigate the site by clicking the links which are linked in Navigation Menu.

Are Articles well structured?

This is also important in your articles that your articles must be structured, giving proper headlines, lists of items, and tables.

Have You Used Any Copyrighted Materials On Your Site

Using copyrighted materials on your site is prohibited by AdSense. The original owner can give a copyright act if you use copyrighted materials like images, videos, audio, contents, materials, etc. You can ask how can I get copyright-free materials. We are going to say how to get copyrighted images online. Pixels, PixaBay, and Unsplash sites are giving free images without any attribution. Simply you can download any images from this site. But we recommend not any images directly even if you downloaded them on a copyright-free images website because like you many peoples might be downloaded the same images in which you are interested. They might be used on their Website, blog, or YouTube channel anywhere. So you have to use these images by simply making changes to them for that you can edit the images by using any software which is familiar to edit. Then use it anywhere you want. That’s all guys and bloggers.


Hoping you enjoyed the Things You have to check before you apply for AdSense approval. Keep Browsing !!!

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